Professional Therapy, Treatment and Management for Pain Relief

Optimum Levels of Human Performance can be attained when we look at the whole picture.

For me, “Wholistic” implies looking at the Whole person rather than referring to an alternative or new age therapy. Whether addressing pain, sports performance, or other health concerns, the solution is so often focused on specific tests or complaints. Long term results can only be expected when all contributing factors are considered, and the high rate of success at the Optimum Performance Center is simply because we consider additional (often ignored) factors that may contribute to the individual’s pain, dysfunction, or health concerns.

My Approach to Pain Relief:
Finding The Contributing Factors Others Ignore… Pain Relief – Stress Relief – Health & Fitness Programs – Using Detailed Evaluations to Create Body-Mind Strategies, Including Neuromuscular Massage – Stretching – Breathing – Corrective Exercise – Nutrition – Hypnosis – NLP

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  1. A thorough evaluation to find all contributing factors
  2. A plan (based on this evaluation) detailing exactly what posture and movements need correcting, and which muscles to massage, stretch, or strengthen to accomplish the desired result most efficiently
  3. Proper education, nutrition, and motivation for you to follow through for continued progress and/or maintenance.

I have been treating for over 30 years and training top massage therapists internationally, and I personally guarantee that by following my program, you will achieve results.