Pain Relief … or Pain Management?

Are you frustrated by nagging pain despite numerous visits to multiple types of practitioners?

Have had “therapy” several times a week for weeks on end with little or no lasting relief?

Does it make any sense to repeat the same thing and expect a different result?
Why would anyone go back and repeat a therapy that did not work?
Are these people nuts…or stupid? If that were stated as a rhetorical question, it would be quite rude. In fact, these people are not stupid: people in pain are simply desperate…for relief.
Living in pain is no joking matter. But if they do not have a better alternative, people will consider surgery or the same therapy again even if they did not get relief previously.

Did you catch it? The “if” in the previous sentence is the KEY. People need an alternative that makes sense, that they have reason to believe will help.

You are not alone. Huge numbers of people experience severe and/or chronic pain without relief and after various visits and consults, they are left wondering if this will ever end. Many resign themselves to a life dulled by drugs.

Let me be clear. All types of therapy have value and if you have substantial improvement in your condition from the treatment you are receiving, then by all means continue what is working.

If you are still reading, you or someone you know probably has pain that has NOT been resolved, and that is the group we want to serve here.

Let me be blunt here. If any practitioner’s therapy 2-3 times per week for months has not given you substantial relief, you deserve better results than that!

There are soft tissue solutions for most pain, including:

Headaches           TMJ pain               Tennis elbow     Golfer’s elbow
Shoulder pain       Whiplash               Neck pain          Back pain
SI joint pain          Sciatica                  Knee pain          Carpal tunnel syndrome
Foot pain              Ankle pain                                        Most other pain conditions

Contact me to see how you can experience lasting pain relief from my approach, which combines Neuromuscular Massage Therapy, Corrective Exercise, Nutrition, with Mental Programming and empowering Lifestyle Habits.

Why many people don’t get relief from their wrist pain and what to do about it.