Sports Performance

A properly designed corrective exercise program will provide your best progress, no matter what condition you are starting from.

The benefits are:

1. Injury prevention– Stay in your game without the typical layoffs that most only wish they could avoid.

2. Increased performance– Train with a plan targeted to improve your body’s ability to perform the functions needed for your sport or preferred daily activities

3. Longevity- What would it be worth if you could look forward to more years enjoying your golf game, tennis, hiking, or activity of your choice?

Who can benefit from this approach?

For the professional athlete, this is a way to evaluate details of your physical structure and performance to keep your body working at optimum performance.

As a weekend warrior, avoid the shock and stress by conditioning your body during the week in a way specifically designed to match your body’s ability to the needs of your activities.

To those who would like to change their body but are making little progress despite lots of energy spent.
Whether you desire to lose weight, build muscle, condition your heart, or just want more energy, a systematic and scientific approach to progressive training will create the changes that make you proud.

For many, exercise is associated with creating or exacerbating pain. Even most people with pain can exercise if they have a program designed to correct imbalances and create stability first that allows them to gradually add more resistance later.

Specific training programs and workshops are available for:



Running sports– from 10K to marathons, trail racers, and triathletes

Throwing sports– baseball, football, others

Pushing / pulling sports– Martial artists (grappling, jiu jitsu, MMA), – football

Optimum Performance Training = Corrective Exercise progressing into Strength, Power and Endurance Training.