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Dennis Price LMT, A.S., ACSM, CHEK 2

Dennis Price entered the health and wellness field in 1979, initially studying nutritional biochemistry- developing nutrition and lifestyle programs for people based on their individual urine and saliva tests. He worked for 9 years as a paramedic/firefighter and earned an associate degree in emergency medicine. He has taught emergency medicine for state of Florida paramedic students, and after becoming licensed as a massage therapist he specialized in a soft tissue specialty for the treatment of pain called neuromuscular therapy. Specialize in treating chronic severe pain. Dennis became an instructor, teaching teaching over 150 courses in this modality to physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists in 32 states, Europe, and South America. Dennis is certified with the American College of Sports Medicine as a Health / Fitness instructor, and is a Level 2 CHEK practitioner (Corrective High Performance Exercise Kinesiology).

Dennis is also a Certified NLP Practitioner (Neurolinguistic Programming). He has worked in numerous psychiatric facilities, and has worked since 1990 with Anthony Robbins’ programs as a trainer in personal development skills and motivation. He has a private practice as a personal coach, and has been a consultant to numerous companies and organizations on topics from organizational set-up, mission statements and goal setting, to communication strategies, corporate leadership, ergonomics, and motivation.

Dennis combines a wealth of knowledge about medicine, pain therapy, health, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle management. This is delivered to you in a package that allows you a superior product for a surprisingly competitive investment.

Find out now precisely which muscles to stretch and which to strengthen. Then program and condition your body to meet the demands of your individual lifestyle needs.

There is no charge for asking questions, so call now to find out how You can start experiencing Optimum Performance in your life today!

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