Breathing Enhancement

You may know from CPR that 4 minutes without breath is the limit to stay alive.
But did you know that efficient breathing would…

  • Move lymph to cleanse toxins from the tissues
  • Buffer the pH (acidity/alkalinity) of the body
  • Maintain proper energy for varying activity levels
  • Regulate the sympathetic /parasympathetic nervous system balance
  • Calm the mind for cognitive function / decision making
  • Regulate anxiety and depression via the emotional region of the brain
  • Provide oxygen to fight disease
  • Maintain proper blood pressure
  • Increase results from stretching/flexibility programs
  • Allow restful sleep that prepares the body for the next day
  • Maximize aerobic effects for fat burning
  • Improve the voice for speaking and singing
  • Create stability of joints during work, exercise, and daily activities
  • Enhance spiritual awareness

Most people believe the fact that they are already breathing means they are fine. They have no education or awareness of how to breathe efficiently or how much improving the way they breath can dramatically impact their health, fitness, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.

If you have respiratory problems, you can likely attain great improvement.
If you have no respiratory distress, but want improved health, fitness and longevity, it is imperative that you learn and practice proper and efficient breathing.

This is not just abdominal breathing.
This in depth breathing program involves a detailed assessment of your current breathing and addresses anatomy, posture, muscles used to breathe, depth and rate of breathing, timing of breath, pauses, mouth and nose breathing, and much more.
Whether you desire to improve your voice, trim down or increase athletic performance, or create greater health and vitality, and longevity…
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