Neuromuscular Evaluation and Treatment Plans – April 2013


Neuromuscular Evaluation and Treatment Plans
16 CEU credits   
CE Broker 20-367855


In this fun and entertaining workshop, we will act as detectives looking for
the prime suspects causing pain. The result of this training is you can
design a plan maximizing the benefit from each therapy session.

You know routines to treat the neck, back, shoulder, knee…
Now learn to find which muscles are the key to solving an individual’s pain!

You will clearly see why it is imperative to consider all possible sources
of the client’s pain or complaints. Learn to catch what others miss!

It’s like finding the combination that unlocks the problem no matter how severe or chronic.

You will see a demonstration of and will practice examples of each of the following:

Posture Analysis (and What It Means)          Range of Motion Measurements

Basic Orthopedic Testing                          Movement Pattern Analysis

Finding Direct Pressure on Nerves          Charting of Trigger Points

           Evaluating Lifestyle Stressors (sleep, nutrition, mind/body) …  and more!

You will understand the value of a thorough evaluation and written plan defining which
tissues need which treatment for a given complaint.

You will recognize the importance of assigning priority and sequence to muscles being
treated in order to obtain optimal results each treatment session.

This is the exact system I use for Optimum Performance with the
amateur and professional athletes that I treat.




April 20-21, 2013


June 8-9, 2013

9am-6pm daily

*Lunch included*

Westin Diplomat

501 Diplomat Parkway

Hallandale Beach, FL

Call Dennis Price


Membership #

$349 Investment for this Results Producing System (& 16 CEUs)

FSMTA and AMTA members Pay Only $299 – $50 discount!
(please input member number above, and bring validation of current membership to seminar)


This educational program is designed to be 60% Lecture/demonstration and 40% Practice

** This is the prerequisite in a series leading to certification as a NeuroMuscular Specialist.

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