Care for the Forearm, Hand, and Wrist – 16 hr Seminar

This presentation will describe the common causes of pain and dysfunction in the forearms, hands, and wrists that plague far too many therapists, as well as a growing number of their clientele. This workshop can be used as a therapy, flexibility, and strength-training program, preparing this area of the body for a strong healthy future treating many people. Therapists have often been using isolated steps from this program without relief. By developing a complete plan and incorporating the correct steps at the right time you will obtain substantial results with long-term benefits. Finally, participants will be presented with clear strategies for taking this to the public and corporate sectors. With ‘Carpal Tunnel Syndrome’ so commonly known, it is easy to present this seminar material to various occupations which are at risk for repetitive strain injuries, for example (anyone using computers, dentists & hygienists, musicians, and artists, etc.). This not only educates the public but also promotes and markets your business as well.