Massage Therapists’ Role in Headaches and TMJ Dysfunction – 16 hr Seminar

This program will train the students to assess and treat the two most common pain conditions above the neck: jaw pain and headaches. Each day will include a detailed review anatomy.
Day 1 will address the role of soft tissues as the cause and/or effect of TMJ dysfunction.
Day 2 will address the same considerations applied to headaches. Appropriate treatment
protocols will then be presented in relation to the findings of the total evaluation, including:

  • The degree of ischemic tenderness in the soft tissues palpated
  • Which is referred pain from trigger points in remote soft tissues / acupuncture points?
  • How much of the pain is from nerve entrapment in the soft tissues?
  • How much of the pain is from joint compression caused by soft tissue contraction?
  • How much of the biomechanical dysfunction is from hypertonicity in the soft tissues?
  • To what degree are cranial distortions contributing to the individual’s pain and/or dysfunction?
  • To what degree are postural distortions in the rest of the body contributing to the individual’s pain and/or dysfunction?

** The program above may be divided into separate 1 day trainings:

The Headache Relief System 1 day presentation of above 8 hr

TMJ Dysfunction to Function- The Massage Therapists’ Role 8 hr
1 day presentation of above
* Includes Marketing options & strategies. Attendees will learn to present this material to
other Health Care Professionals such as Dental offices, Headache Clinics, Optometrists,
Speech Therapy, etc.