Stretching /Flexibility

Moving freely through your daily activities allows productivity and enjoyment of life.
Restrictions to free movement cause increased effort, chronic fatigue, and pain.

Flexibility may be restricted by many factors:

1. Muscles that are stiff

A. Muscles that are stiff from lack of activity
B. Muscles that are short and tense from poor posture
C. Muscles that are pre-stretched tight from distorted posture
D. Muscles that are chronically tense from overused or improper use

2. Joints

A. Joints stiff from lack of full movement
B. Inflammation in joints
C. Scar tissue in joint tissues

3. The mind-body connection

The body may mimic our lack of flexibility in other areas of life as well.

Based on a thorough evaluation of the multiple factors involved, we can create an individualized program to open your body to new free movement through greater range of motion. Based on scientific principles, various methods of stretching may be applied to allow you the greatest results in the shortest time.

1. Active Isolated Stretching- most used in therapeutic applications & prep for sports Assisted stretching
2. Tense / relax stretching based on PNF principles- used in therapeutic applications
3. Long hold stretching based on yoga concepts- for maintenance
4. Dynamic stretching- used for pre competition and pre training
5. Ballistic stretching- used only in pre competition and pre training after warm up