The Plans

How Do We Provide Lasting Pain Relief?

The keys to your progressive improvement are:

1. A thorough evaluation to find all contributing factors

2. A therapy plan for exactly what posture and movements need correcting, and which muscles to massage, stretch or strengthen to accomplish the result most efficiently

3. Proper education, nutrition, and motivation to follow through and stay healthy
Optimum Levels of Human Performance come from a wholistic approach to the individual.

I put the ‘W’ back in front of holistic because for me Wholistic implies looking at the Whole person instead of simply meaning alternative or new age therapy.

Choose the level of results below that you desire. Look behind:

Door A. Pain Relief comes from effective and thorough treatment of the symptomatic area

Door B. Lasting results come from  treating a painful area plus addressing other areas of the body that
contribute to that problem area and make it return. This includes teaching problem specific stretches,
exercises, and postural corrections.

Door C. Optimal benefit and long term results come from addressing the whole person: a contribution of nutrition, hormones, and the mind-body connection in addition to treatments and corrective exercise.

Pick the door you want to walk though and call now to see how much you may be helped though our care.

In treating any pain or dysfunction in the body, long term results can only be expected when all contributing factors are considered. One person’s neck pain may be due to posture that is tilted due to a pelvis distortion. Another person’s neck pain may be due to postural slumping caused by stress of a business or family situation.

Many who receive relief from their physical pain choose to follow up with personal coaching to address all contributing factors and develop strategies for progress in these other areas of life as well.

Remove the restrictions caused by pain, and then make your life the adventure you desire and deserve!

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Ask about the complete package (Door C above), where you get the above evaluations plus determine your metabolic type, blood work that shows food allergies/intolerances (discover exactly which foods are ideal for your body at the present, and more.