June 11-12 Optimum Physical Performance Seminar


Get healthy and prevent illness
Enjoy an active lifestyle- golf, tennis, or your preferred athletic endeavors
Dramatically increase your energy
Achieve and maintain a healthy weight

Topics to be covered will include:
Energize your body
Improve posture
Relieve pain
Healthy & sustainable weight loss
Organ and glandular health
Home remedies / self care therapies
The difference between detox and cleansing
Stress management

Drawing on over 30 years in professional healthcare, Dennis has experience in:
Nutritional counseling based on individual body chemistry analysis
Emergency medicine experience as a Paramedic, and after receiving his A.S. degree in emergency medicine, teaching EMT and Paramedic courses
Licensed massage therapist since 1984
Neuromuscular Therapist / NMT Instructor teaching 300 seminars to LMT, PT, Chiropractor, Doctor, and dentist students.
Personal Trainer- American College of Sports Medicine
Corrective Exercise Specialist
Breathing Specialist
Consultant on difficult health issues

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